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A tantric philosophy

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Dr. Douglas Brooks, professor of Religion at the University of Rochester in Rochester New York will be offering a weekend workshop, The Poetry of Awakening in Tantric Yoga, at the OM Zone Yoga studio in Edwards today through Sunday.

“Yoga is however we are choosing to connect: to the world, to nature to each other and most significantly, to ourselves,” Dr. Brooks explains. “In this seminar we’ll read closely from a handful of the great sources in Tantric philosophy. These poets are visionaries whose emotions resonate in words that reach into reason and beyond. We’ll explore their hopes and expectations, their doubts and abiding certainties and look deeply into their experiences of love, awakening, reflection, and the power of recognition.”

Reading selections with original translations will be provided.

Dr. Douglas Brooks is among the world’s leading scholars of Hindu Tantrism and the esoteric traditions of the Goddess. He received his Masters and PhD degrees from Harvard University’s Center for the Study for World Religions where he studied with several of the world’s leading academics of Sanskrit and Indian studies. Dr. Brooks is author of several scholarly books on Hinduism and Tantra.

Dr. Brooks has been offering workshops at the OM Zone Yoga Studio for the past five years. Owner/director Jamie Allison describes her experience of Douglas’s teachings:

“Douglas is a wave that you just have to let wash over you. Like the ocean, he will always leave a treasure on your shore,” Allison said. “The beauty of Douglas’s teaching is there is no presumed knowledge or experience required or expected. Simply bring an open mind, a willing heart, and the curiosity to look deeply into yourself. Never miss the opportunity to be in the presence of greatness.”

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