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A timely adjustment

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Let there be (more) light!

As tiny steps go, this one is nice. It gets us up earlier and fools us into thinking spring has sprung a few weeks earlier.

Intellectually, some of us may cluck. But the body likes the day going a little longer, thanks to the early onset of Daylight Saving Time.

Naturally, changing the clock in these modern times requires an act of Congress. And so it happened in 2005. Henceforth, starting in 2007, the second Sunday in March shall be the new spring forward and the first Sunday of November shall fall back. Why we needed a full two years to get used to the idea is a bit of a mystery. But such are the ways of politicians, who sometimes fashion themselves as minor deities.

This adjustment of a couple of weeks comes as part of the genius of 2005’s Energy Policy Act. Now, truly significant steps to reduce the country’s reliance on fossil fuels, force automakers to take advantage of that technology that dramatically increases gas mileage, explore sustainable energy sources and all that are one thing.

By comparison, changing the clock is a little silly. It’s also symbolic of how long this turn will take in the face of growing evidence of global warming, the implicit threat of our reliance on foreign oil, and the rising cost of powering our vehicles this way.

Yes, as action goes, resetting our clocks a few weeks early isn’t much. But hey, at least we’re doing it. You know, first the clocks, then turn toward more wind power, improve on the ol’ mpg of our cars. Next thing you know we’ll start actually living in substantially more energy savings ways.

Maybe this is that butterfly flapping that eventually changes everything.

” Don Rogers for the editorial board

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