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A touch of common sense

Don Rogers

Frank Doll, as he sometimes does, dropped by the newspaper the other day with something on his mind. Actually, it was something in his hand, too – a letter Robert Train had written to the Denver Post recently.

Doll clipped the letter out of the metro paper, scribbled out his agreement on a sheet of his own paper, stapled the two together and popped into our offices last week. Doll, in case you don’t know him, is one of those rare people for whom all other activity stops when he deigns to visit. He’s wise beyond his 80-something years, in addition to knowing just about everything in this valley, present as well as past.

The letter is titled “Bias and Bush.” The author said he was amused at the “thin veils disguising political leanings.” He mentioned how Bush is a scumbag to liberals and just short of Christ to conservatives, and never shall one side commend a point on the other’s, betraying a rather pathetic closed-mindedness.

“Bush is no worse or better at divining the future than Roosevelt was about Pearl Harbor or Kennedy was about Vietnam. I am not a Bush fan, but he is not the anti-Christ. He is a conservative president who does his job the best he can. If it is not good enough, change partners in November,” Train writes.

Doll adds in his note: “The attached seems to have been written by an intelligent, honest individual. It is likely there are many people in this country who think the same. Any thinking that anyone in position of authority, or otherwise, who knew that 9/11 was coming and didn’t report same, is ludicruous. The cost of trying to decide who knew about what is astronomical and for nothing.”

The message here is one we’d all do well not to forget this election year.

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