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A true vinyl vamp

Charlie Owen
Vail, CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

Barbara Bonfiglio, a.k.a Misstress Barbara, really stands out in her profession and not just because of her model good looks. At the age of 32 she has accomplished a great deal ” along with being a successful DJ, she’s a licensed pilot with a degree in communications specializing in cinema. As a DJ, Misstress Barbara (her name is a play on “miss” and “stress”) is at the top of her game having spun at some of the biggest clubs in the world. She created her own record label and is working on a new album set for a fall release. Before a DJing doubleheader at Samana Lounge this weekend, Misstress Barbara answered some questions about what DJing means to her and what it hopefully means to others.

Misstress Barbara: I don’t know. I mean, it’s all stuff I’ve done in different periods of my life and now, it’s true that when I’m looking back it seems like I’ve done it all together.

MB: Well, I was going out a lot, in raves and clubs and when I started watching DJs at work … I freaked out. I thought it was beautiful and classy the way they moved their hands on the vinyl and everything. I really fell in love with the whole thing.

MB: I prefer vinyl by far. That’s how I started, that’s what I fell in love with and that’s what feels more natural to me because when I touch vinyl I’m touching my music and everything else … you don’t touch it anymore, it’s like inside a machine, so I feel really closer to my music. Besides, I think it’s really classy, you know, to just touch your vinyl and throw it in and turn it and spin it backwards, I love it. It’s the whole movement thing, it flows, it’s great.

MB: Sometimes I think ” really, without wanting to sound arrogant ” it’s so easy for me, it was so easy since the beginning that I think I’m a natural born DJ, that’s what I am.

MB: I earned my respect, so for me it’s not so bad … on the job side of things I think I really earn my respect and the other guys do respect me. They see me as equal, which is great because it is true that it sucks to get to that level in a male dominated business.

MB: I must say I’m doing it now with this album. It’s going to be by far the biggest accomplishment because it’s different, it’s not as easy. I’m singing, I’m doing songs, there are chord changes in the songs. Integrating some stuff in the electronic music without sounding pop is not so easy. It’s a big challenge.

MB: I’m not here to judge what other people do, I’m only just going to talk about me, and for me DJing is recreating something so that when someone comes up and is like ‘oh my God I love this record, what is it?’ you can’t really tell them the answer because what he’s listening to is a mix of two or three records at the same time. That’s DJing for me.

MB: The most important thing is to be able to groove, to be able to keep people on the dance floor.

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