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A victory for liberalism

Last week I depressed liberals with the return of “The Last Word” column by Speakout!’s “Ye Olde Publisher.” To be fair, my goal this issue is to depress moderates and conservatives. This should be easy.

I do so at risk of upsetting many in Eagle County. Most liberals are always upset about my use of free speech, exposing their nonsense. Me risk upsetting moderates and, more importantly, my base of conservatives? What am I thinking?

Why, I might even lose a poll in the Vail Daily, in which readers are asked whether you like, hate or don’t much care if I have a column in the Daily. Honestly, I voted I hate it, cuz I have to do the work! So, why will the passing of Home Rule be a complete victory for liberalism?

Here’s just a few answers:

1. Complete control of almost all governments in the county, including the towns, and almost all special districts. Mostly liberals run for office. Conservatives can’t stomach the demands on their time (they are too busy running their all-too important lives to give them up to such an unrewarding demand on their time. Why is it unrewarding for them?

Because, as true conservatives, they would not be there to cash in, as true liberals are. It goes against conservative principles. Want me to name names of liberals who cashed in? Sorry, I only get 600 words per week. Hint: does the name of a former elected official in Vail come to mind?)

2. More government + more expenditures = more taxes. Liberals love more government. Two more commissioners on the county board, totaling five, means the saps (you and me) get to pay another $100K/year for salaries, plus two new vehicles, plus trips to Washington, D. C., trips to Crested Butte, Denver, trips to God knows wherever, for more commissioners to “represent” us. I know I go to sleep at night praying for more of this kind of representation.

It’s at the top of my agenda to send Arn and puppets to these places so they can think up more ways to lighten our wallet, backed by expensive liberal taxpayer-paid “studies” to confirm our need for them to spend more.

3. Many more votes on tax increases! Example: the whiney, public school teacher types can get more regular votes on tax increases for them through the county government, as well as their regular requests through the school system government. I can’t wait to see your taxes go up some more, since, at the moment, I have no intention of owning property here. Many of the easterners and Californicators who moved here, actually think you pay too little in property taxes. More elections equals more tax increase opportunities, and more illegal opportunities to wrongly disclose the truth about their needs (remember, if you don’t sue within five days of their notice, their illegal language stands – Cacioppo v. Eagle County School District Supreme Court decision). That wrongful decision is going to come back to haunt you for many years to come!

4. Five commissioners means longer meetings. More time for liberal elected types to pontificate their Robin Hood-ism about how great every new social program will be. With more elected officials talking all the time, there will be less time for them to have to listen to the public, whose ox is about to be gored.

Wisdom of Web: Paraphrased, “If Eagle County schools don’t do a better job educating kids, they’ll only be qualified to work as editors or reporters for the Daily or Trail. These kids will only know how to write public relations stories about the district, instead of holding board members accountable.” I don’t know who wrote this, but to my fellow journalists, “If the shoe fits, wear it!”

And kudos to the Daily editor who allowed this to be printed!

Columnist Butch Mazzuca e-mailed last week, suggesting I was wrong to label him a moderate to right-leaning “Republican.” Butch, who says he isn’t a Republican, admits to liking Barry Goldwater. If Butch isn’t a Republican, then I am wrong!

Michael Cacioppo, a former conservative radio talk show host and newspaper publisher, is Managing Director of BookPlayaDelCarmen.com, LLC, a local travel planning consultant on vacations to Mexico.

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