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A work of art

Daily Staff Writer
Gallery - Masters Gallery Artist - Carrie Fell Art - "Free Range" Photographer - Bret Hartman

“Free Range” is one of Carrie Fell’s works of art. Fell will be painting today at the Masters Gallery in Vail from 4-8 p.m. Fell uses the high country as a source of inspiration. Fell’s art does not attempt to depict a western lifestyle, but rather an illusion of cowboy life and the spirit of the west. Born in Denver in 1962, Fell has a self-discovered technique that has continually led her to choose cowboys as her favorite subject, which can be seen through mixed media images on both paper and canvas. Beyond the usual gallery shows, Carrie enjoys working with students, incorporating a curriculum she has designed through her “Significance of Self Program of the Arts for Children.” Through her residency programs, Fell envisions an opportunity for students to see a bigger picture. Fell’s interaction with students is not designed to teach students how to paint, but rather to help the students recognize the difference between painting and expressing what they are truly passionate about.

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