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A world of help

Nicole Yandle is taking the trip of a lifetime, and she’ll improve lives everywhere she goes.

Yandle, 29, will spend two months traveling the world with Florida-based Launch Out Ministries, building orphanages, water systems, homes, and better lives. She leaves June 1 and still needs to raise a lot of money. Donations are tax deductible.

“Trips like this aren’t about you. They’re about the kids,” said Yandle, a 2000 Eagle Valley High School graduate. “I’ve always loved to travel, but I didn’t want to just wander around. I want to do something that counts, so I decided to make it a mission trip.”

There are no five-star accommodations, unless you count sleeping in tents under the stars. It’s Yandle, her Launch Out Ministries crew, riding around the world in the back of a big truck. It’s only exotic if you think being hauled around like cargo is exotic.

It’s the Third World at its worst, both urban and rural. Malnutrition is rampant. So is AIDS.

“Mothers who have hungry children sometimes have to choose which one they’re gong to feed,” Yandle said.

She starts in Brazil’s Amazon region where she and the rest of the crew will board a boat and head up the Amazon to help with building projects.

From South America they travel to Thailand, making repairs to orphanages, teaching English to orphans and teaching English in villages.

Then it’s Africa: South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Zanzibar Island for more of everything that needs to be done – orphanages, mission work, any kind of work.

“My team leader is a native of Africa,” Yandle said. “I’ll have the opportunity to visit villages that have never heard the gospel or interacted much with the outside world.”

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