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Abandon Iraq

David Le Vine

The current thought seems to be, “like it or not, we simply have to spend $87 billion in order to support our troops in Iraq”; anything less would be unpatriotic! I would propose that we show our concern and our support for the servicemen by bringing them home and spending nothing. Most of them would “love it” – even if Bechtel and Halliburton wouldn’t.

Our servicemen are being killed, oil pipelines are being sabotaged, the populace is shielding Saddam Hussein, and there is dissatisfaction both there and throughout the Muslim world”with our very presence.

Furthermore, let’s face reality, Iraq is never going to become a bulwark of democracy. The country is religiously (Muslim) oriented and the tenets of that religion are not compatible with free speech, equality for women, free elections, etc.

So should we continue the charade in order to bail out George W. Bush? I say absolutely not! Let the Iraqi council appoint a president, let the other countries in the region act responsibly, permit the Iraqis to figure it out, wish them all well, and bring our servicemen home.

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