Abby Ross, Eagle Valley High School |

Abby Ross, Eagle Valley High School

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Abby RossEagle Valley High SchoolTown you live in: EagleHow long in the valley: 13 yearsHave you been affected at all by “senioritis” and if so, how are you dealing with it: Ive been affected by senioritis my last trimester in high school and it is awful. Ive been so unmotivated. I tend to deal with it by procrastinating and then cramming it in all at the end.What are your future plans: Attending Colorado State UniversityFondest high school memory: I loved going to all the home football games. I also had so much fun at the Blast to the Past dance this year with Brian, Ali, and Hunter. I also liked my band trip to Moffat County.How has your high school prepared you for the future? My high school has prepared me for the future because theyve offered lots of college classes. Because of this, I have a better handle on what to expect in college.Tell us something few people know about you: I enjoy rock wall climbing and Ive shot a gun before and hit a golf ball with it!!What makes you smile: My friends, my family, and my puppy, Lyla.

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