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Above and beyond – benefits of using a REALTOR®

Bev Trout

The usual perception of being represented by a real estate broker in the sale or purchase of property is limited to how much and how long. But the benefits of using a REALTOR® go far beyond the real estate transaction itself.

All Colorado REALTORS® are licensed real estate brokers, but not all licensed real estate brokers are REALTORS®. Being represented by a REALTOR® gives you access to one of the strongest trade associations in the country, 1.2 million strong. And it is this access that brings you closer to issues that affect real estate values and your personal property rights.

This was made clear last week when representatives of the local board of REALTORS sat before members of the Colorado legislature. Questions and concerns brought to the attention of the legislators concerned HB1185 on surface property rights when oil and gas rights are exercised; Eminent domain bills currently being considered in the upcoming session and the delineation of appropriate use by local governments; and the consideration of the licensing of mortgage brokers in the State of Colorado.

The National Association of REALTORS® continues to monitor congressional bills that ensure economic vitality; provide jobs and housing opportunities; preserve the environment; and, again, protect private property rights while building better communities. To bring this home to you, an especially poignant issue has been the Administration Tax Reform Study recommendations, which if enacted, could eliminate the deduction for mortgage interest.

Your REALTOR® has made a purposeful decision in choosing to become a member of the local, state, and national REALTOR® associations; and, in doing so, is committed to your best interests as a property owner. So not only ask your broker, “Are you a licensed real estate broker?” but also ask, “Are you a REALTOR® ?”

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