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Abstract art looks to internal landscapes

Cassie Pence

Often when you think of landscape art, you recall plein-air scenes of colorful fall foliage or water lilies by Monet.The Collaborative gallery in Eagle-Vail is hosting a show, beginning today, that goes beyond traditional landscapes and into the internal landscapes of abstract art.

If you were to take a microscope to a traditional plein-air landscape painting, what you might see is the work of New Mexico artist Aaron Karp. “Aaron is looking at life in a very DNA, cellular way. He is saying that the universe is not chaotic, but it is a self organizing universe,” Simone Fodde-Crotzer, gallery director, said.

Karp, who is also exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, layers strips of eye-popping color into fantastic designs that depict the molecular landscape of life itself. An avid deep-sea diver, Karp is inspired by all life forms, from the algae to the octopus.”He’s pushing the envelope of social awareness. He’s adding to the consciousness,” Fodde-Crotzer said.

Boulder-based artist Dodi Klutznick is exploring the internal landscape of her momentary anger. Working with a variety of materials such as fabrics, paper, metals and collected objects, she constructed a piece that through the actual creation delivered her from her that feeling. The work is much lighter than her usual bold red paintings and the center is illuminated. “Abstract art is a metaphor for life – for jealousy, for happiness for envy,” Fodde-Crotzer said. “It’s a great catharsis.”Kevan Krasnoff’s impressionistic aspens will be on display, along with his other abstract landscapes, as well as artists Nancy Volpe, Anne Shutan, Scott Campbell Reuman and traditional landscape artist Kit Hevron Mahoney. Artists will be at the gallery during an artist reception today from 4-8 p.m. For more information, call 949-4ART.

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