Accidental fashion faux pas |

Accidental fashion faux pas

Cassie PenceVail CO, Colorado

When I first moved to Vail six years ago, I worked for two weeks at a high-end spa. Super luxurious and super high-maintenance clientele (hence, my short duration as an employee.) We had no uniform. We could wear what we wanted, and one day I showed up in a magenta pink top and a black skirt.

I could tell something was up the minute I arrived, but my manager waited until halfway through my shift to pull me into her office.”It’s about what you’re wearing,” she said.”What do you mean?” I said, instantly thinking that what I was wearing might be too risque. But last I checked, the boat neck was still accepted by most religions.”You’re shirt is way too bright. In color,” she said. “This is a spa, and people can’t relax when you’re wearing hot pink.”I was mortified, embarrassed. I couldn’t believe pink was so … controversial.They sent me home that day for wearing pink.Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, when I found myself on the other side of the reception desk. On my way in, I stopped to talk with one of the spa’s directors. She was wearing a flashy brown and turquoise shirt – the exact same one my mom had bought me in September.”I have that shirt,” I said. “I love it; my mom bought it for me.”She just smiled and continued chatting.Now this woman has never met me, nor is she aware of the first fashion faux pas I made six years ago. But together we walked into the reception area, and to my chagrin, everyone was wearing the cool, art-deco shirt my mom had bought me. The shirt is the new spa uniform.The irony was not lost on me.For one, I felt pretty stupid complimenting a uniform, but given the history here, it was pretty damn funny, too.I had been sent home for my personal fashion sense, but then six years later, it was being copied for uniform.Either I have drastically relaxed in my dress, or the powers at be finally know what’s cool. Regardless, now the shirt has been banned from my valley wear. I can’t possibly go out looking like I just got off of work.

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