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Accusing the accuser

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I really think that this woman just lost it. She gave herself freely and willingly and then snapped with guilt and sorrow of all the problems she has to deal with in her own life. I am sorry for her and all her problems. I think she should take a lie detector test off the record and so should Kobe.Philip PughPikesville, Md.Think twiceDid anyone stop to think, what if he did do it? You don’t think this girl is thinking whatever everyone else is? Kobe? No way! Why? Because he is skilled on the basketball court? What does that have to do with his morals, ethics, values or character? I say let’s see how the truth plays out. Notice that for once the accused is all over the news creating hype instead of the money hungry victim. If it walks like a duck, smells like a duck…Kym HagerPalmdale, Calif.Stone, not Udall plays Front Range favoritesIn the July 18 story “Water grab or drought cure-all?” about Referendum A, the water project bonding question that will be before the voters this November, Eagle County Commissioner Tom Stone, who is a leader of the campaign in support of the referendum, is quoted as saying that Congressman Mark Udall has a water policy that “favors the Front Range.” Many West slope organizations agree that Referendum A is bad for West Slope water interests, so it comes as no surprise that Commissioner Stone is attacking Udall so that he can draw attention away from his own controversial position in support of Referendum A.There is absolutely no foundation for Commissioner’s Stone’s characterization of Congressman Udall’s record. In fact, Udall’s positions on water policy in Colorado have consistently been sensitive to West Slope concerns:On June 16, 2003, Rep. Udall wrote a letter to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation questioning their proposal to require that the West Slope supply all of the minimum level of water that agency asserts is needed to remain in Green Mountain Reservoir. He urged that this minimum level of water should be shared equally by both West and East Slope water interests who use this facility.In his proposed legislation to adopt the wilderness and wild and scenic river recommendations of the 2002 White River National Forest Plan, Rep. Udall includes language to protect the water rights of the Town of Gypsum, the water rights of the Colorado River Water Conservation District in the Deep Creek area, and protects other water rights holders.In his legislation creating the James Peak Wilderness Area, which was signed into law in August of last year, Rep. Udall included language that protects existing water rights holders on both the East and West Slopes.Rep. Udall’s water policy efforts have been to “bridge the Divide,” to bring Colorado’s Front Range and West Slope together and stop “water wars” that cannot help but hurt Colorado in the long run. Rep. Udall will continue to promote consensus resolution of water issues and protect the rights of all water rights holders on both sides of the Continental Divide.Lawrence Pacheco(spokesman forCongressman Udall)Be niceto the DailyI think you need to hear all the facts before you start jumping all over a very respectable newspaper (David O. Williams’ “Slogging through the mud and taking the whole town with them,” Vail Trail, July 18).I could argue 20 reasons why we should be allowed to know everything about this person (Kobe’s accuser) from the kind of toothpaste she uses to how many suicidal episodes she’s had in the last six months.I’m not trying to be unsympathetic here. I think she’s crying for help in more ways then one. Just remember if the shoe were on the other foot you would want to know everything about your accuser.Beware the curse of the self-righteous reporter it’s come back to haunt better men than you.I’m not saying your not a good man, you probably are.Keep up the good work. I enjoy your column even if I don’t always agree with you. That’s why I love America; we can disagree without being thrown in jail or put to death. The usual fall-out from an unpopular opinion is a thrashing from the media or losing an election. I’ll risk it!Marcia GarciaBookstore bluesMy wife and I own property on West Meadow Drive in downtown Vail. As you may imagine, one of my favorite jaunts is down the street to the bookstore (Tom Boyd, “Save our bookstore,” Vail Trail, July 11). I was disappointed when it moved from the Village to Lionshead, but I have adjusted. I am going to be very disappointed if that bookstore closes!Let me know if I can help in some way to avoid the end of any intellectual life in the area save our great little library.Mike KellVailVerbatim thanksThank you for the great piece you wrote on Verbatim (Tom Boyd, “Save our bookstore,” Vail Trail, July 11). We really appreciate your support and interest in getting the word out about our situation. Hopefully, all the coverage will help sway the powers that be!Thanks again for your interest in the future of Verbatim.Alessandra MayerVailIt’s Crystal Clearto me nowHey Crystal,A group of co-workers and I just finished reading your informative piece on what we should and should not do and wear at the free concerts in Vail (Crystal Clear, Picks, Tricks & the Buzz, June 27).Thank God there is someone who can tell us how to look and be cool here in Vail. We all agree that you are the most important and poignant writer in the entire Vail Valley!We have been trying to fit in up here for six whole years and never realized that all we needed was a colorful ribbon belt and a fun (not fancy) pair of earrings! We also never realized that in order to be someone we had to show up at the free concert every Tuesday. We have now freed up our Tuesdays in order to specifically follow your advice and hopefully become one with the flock.You have given us a guidebook to true enlightenment and enrichment on the road to fitting in and being cool in Vail. We’ve also always wanted to be sassy and never knew that we just needed to sip on margaritas, get pedicures, and bring our Juicy Couture hoody everywhere we go. (Next time we’re in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver we will be the belles of the hood for sure!)Thank you, Crystal Clear, for doing such an important, under-appreciated job, and assisting us in our ultimate dream of being as white-bread as we can be…We always knew that seagull story we read when we were younger was a crock!!!Andrew PurdyVailEditor’s note: to review any of the articles mentioned in the above letters, to read more letters and responses, or to speak your mind in the best local’s online forum, surf over to

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