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Last fall I was considering whether or not to put tubes of sand in the back of my truck. I took a wait and see approach and noted in passing that Wal-Mart had them on sale for $1.97 a piece. I drove up to the Ace Hardware in Vail to get some plumbing widgits and found a pallet of identical sand tubes “on sale” for $4.85 each.I get a real kick out of the Giffords (the Ace Hardware owners) talking about giving back to the community (Big-box blowout, Vail Trail, June 20). They should try giving back a little more change at the check-out. Your paper painted them as some warm-hearted mom and pop stop that’s taking a beating from the big box bully, and I completely disagree. Ace pretty much had a monopoly in the Vail Valley and the Giffords fleeced this “community beneath the fairy-tale lights” for all they could get.I always felt like I just paid way to much money for a used car every time I dragged myself into Ace and took a beating. I’m glad they are feeling the pinch. Competition is good. And in response to keeping the money in the community, I’d rather send a dime to The Home Depot headquarters in Atlanta than a quarter around the corner.Rob PassonsEdwardsReporters lack integrityMr. Williams, I am the daughter of Mark Mogul. I believe you have also had communications with my mother, Jackie Meuse. I am responding to your article (Ex-wife: Mogul deserves jail time, Vail Trail, June 6) because I feel completely violated. The article you wrote regarding my mother’s views on my father’s case was completely irrelevant. I feel that there was no need to: 1. Contact my mother whatsoever, since they haven’t been together for almost 15 years. Then, for you to go and discuss my living arrangements… I felt completely exposed to the town, where many of my family friends, and personal friends and teachers, and other peers parents would read the article.Frankly, I find it to be none of your business. Although there was/is a court case that involved my father and his former company, I do not see where my mother, me, or anyone else in my family obtain connections in the case. Your article was a complete letdown of your paper, especially since one of the reporters there, Tom Boyd, was my former journalism teacher.I would think that you would present such an article with a little more class, but I guess all reporters must strive to exploit aspects of peoples’ lives no matter the humility it has, even that of children.Samantha MogulWarrenton, Va.

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