Acoustic Anjali yoga class will be on Saturday at Vail Vitality Center |

Acoustic Anjali yoga class will be on Saturday at Vail Vitality Center

Acoustic Anjali with Lee Ashley and music by Andy Theng takes place at Vail Vitality Center Saturday night.
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What: Acoustic Anjali with Lee Ashley and music by Andy Theng.

When: 4:30 to 6 p.m. Saturday.

Where: Vail Vitality Center.

Cost: $10 for members and $15 for guests.

More information: Visit or call 970-476-7960.

VAIL — Anjali restorative yoga is deep-down, feel-good yoga. Free from the emphasis on sweating and exertion often associated with other yoga styles, Anjali restorative yoga is a healing modality. The restorative nature of Anjali lends itself perfectly to the introduction of soothing music, enabling practitioners to embrace the practice using multiple senses. On Saturday, at the Vail Vitality Center, Lee Ashley leads a special session of Anjali restorative yoga set to the live music of Andy Theng.

Quiet the Chatter

This type of yoga is a deep, meditative support where the practitioner is held by bolsters and blankets for sustained periods. The practice is centered on the spinal series of nine supported poses using visualizations and meditations intended to replace feelings of anxiety and depression with thoughts of peace, fulfillment and abundance. The stories, images and meditations used are a deliberate tool to replace the constant chatter of worry and hurry that is so common in society today.

It also is a results-oriented practice; the sequence of poses was created with an understanding of how posture affects breath and how breath dominates cortisol levels in the body that can lead to many ailments, including stress and anxiety.

“Anjali restorative yoga can help alleviate that stress and anxiety and restore a sense of worthiness, assist with weight loss and bring relief for insomnia, and it is accessible to every body,” said Julia Clarke, Vail Vitality Center’s yoga director and senior Anjali restorative yoga teacher. “The addition of acoustic music to this restorative practice enhances the creativity and beauty of the experience exponentially.”

During class, attendees enjoy a chance to relax and unwind before the busy winter season begins. Following the session, practitioners can expect to feel refreshed and focused.

For information or to register for Acoustic Anjali on Saturday from 4:30 to 6 p.m., visit http://www.vailvitality or call 970-476-7960. Space is limited and the practice is open to members and Vail Vitality Center guests. Cost is $10 for members and $15 for guests.

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