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Action on energy

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

Gov. Bill Ritter is carrying out his campaign promise of promoting renewable energy.

He signed a number of bills into law this week, including measures that promote recycling, expand wind and solar power generation and reward utilities for conserving energy.

Government has a clear role in encouraging the use of alternative energy among individuals and private industry. Ritter is making sure Colorado’s leaders do their part.

The easier it is for Coloradans to use and generate renewable energy, the more Coloradans will take measures necessary to protect the environment and end our reliance on the fuel we must either buy from oppressive Middle Eastern regimes or dig out of pristine wilderness.

Now it is up to citizens to take advantage of the incentives provided by government.

Some are as easy as bringing bottles and cans to the recycling center and others as installing solar panels and selling the power back to the electric company.

Ritter and the Legislature have given Coloradans the opportunities to clean up our environment, and the consequences for not taking advantage could be disastrous for the state’s future generations.

Citizens must also continue to elect leaders, regardless of party affiliation, who truly care about changing the way Americans use energy.

Our environment and our wallets have suffered too long from administrations on the state and national levels that have coddled the energy industry instead of doing what’s best for their constituents and the health of our country.

” Matt Zalaznick for the Editorial Board

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