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‘Active Parenting’ sessions return in April

EAGLE COUNTY — Parenting used to not be a verb, but that sure has changed. Not only is it a verb, but it’s an action verb. Raising teenagers is hard. Raising teenagers who thrive, succeed and stay out of trouble is even harder. Enter Eagle River Youth Coalition’s Active Parenting of Teens, a two-session series that helps parents with communication, responsibility and discipline, building courage and redirecting misbehavior and reducing sexuality, violence and drug use.

Active Parenting of Teens is designed to provide guidance and support to parents to turn the challenges of raising a teenager into opportunities for growth. This series runs Wednesday, April 6 and 13 at Battle Mountain High School.

Julia Kozusko and Emily Marion are certified Active Parenting trainers and will deliver a focused message on strategies on how to prevent high-risk behaviors including drugs, sexuality and violence. They will introduce ways to calmly confront your teen if there is a crisis and discuss options to help your teen resist peer pressure.

“The subjects of drugs, sexuality and violence are some of the hardest to talk about with our teens,” Kozusko said. “At this two-night class, parents will gain some skills on how to address these important and scary topics and at the same time build a more positive relationship with their teenager. The hope is that these risky behaviors will be prevented and family life will improve.” 

Although the teen years might feel like one big eye-roll and a long, exhausted (and exhausting) sigh, adolescents are actually growing, learning, developing and readying themselves to be adults. It’s our job as parents to help with that transition. It’s during these years that kids are developing their own identity, coming to terms with their sexuality, developing their values, philosophy and work ethic. It takes a lot to make these changes, and it takes a lot to be patient as kids learn, invariably stumbling along the way.

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Active Parenting certified instructors will also provide insight, tips, techniques and even homework to participants. Before you scowl, the homework is fun and meant to bring your family together in a positive way. For example, one enrichment is to take time for family fun — think skiing or even making dinner together. It doesn’t have to be elaborate to draw family in and open conversations up.

The cost for the sessions is $25 per person. Eagle River Youth Coalition provides scholarships, dinner and textbooks.

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