Actively Green 2015 ambassador profile: Matt Whittington

Editor’s note: This is a weekly spotlight that celebrates a local person who works for an Actively Green 2015 participating sustainable business.

Name: Matt Whittington.

Job: Assistant manager of Eagle Point Resort in Vail.

What does Actively Green mean to you? It’s a wonderful combination of responsibility and education. Actively Green represents the way forward. It’s part of the reality of us sustaining not only our industry and our valley, but our country and our planet all at the same time.

How does a sustainable project come to fruition? Eagle Point and East West Resorts understand the responsibility that goes along with sustaining travel. Information comes from the top down then we come up with ideas for projects onsite. We’ve got to convince the board of managers that a project is the right thing to do and that it’s economically viable.

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Any projects in the works? There’s a proposal to heat the swimming pool with solar energy. It’s a big project but there’s a possibility it could move forward.

What are some challenges you face in regards to sustainable practices? We educate our full-time staff, but it’s hard to get the same participation from our contract labor. Issues include making sure the contents of trash and recycling bins in each room end up in their designated places, and maintaining lower temperatures and turning off lights and appliances in unoccupied rooms, especially in the off season.

Describe an outcome of Actively Green certification at Eagle Point. Going from a single pickup to two recycling pickups per week, which are both completely full. Which means that prior to our Actively Green certification, we were allowing something like 360 pounds of recyclable material to go to the landfill, and that is irresponsible.

My big, hairy vision for an environmentally sustainable Vail Valley includes … The enrollment of every business in the valley into the Actively Green program.

The Actively Green 2015 Sustainable Business Certification program is a community-driven partnership supported by the town of Vail, Vail Valley Foundation, Sustainable Travel International and Walking Mountains Science Center. To get involved go to

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