Actress heads Heuga Center gala |

Actress heads Heuga Center gala

Dick Hauserman
Special to the Daily

NEW YORK CITY – The Edwards-based Heuga Center for Multiple Sclerosis honored actress Teri Garr in New York City for her work raising awareness of multiple sclerosis.Garr received the Can Do Award during the 21st annual Heuga Center Autumn Benefit Oct. 24 at the St. Regis Hotel in New York and was attended by 180 guests from across the country, including several Vail locals. The event also raised money for the Heuga Center.

It was a jam packed evening with many speeches. During the evening, people who participated in the Heuga “Can Do” program told of how they were able to return from deep depression to happy lives again. In October of 2002, Garr announced publicly that she had multiple sclerosis. The book, “Speedbumps: Flooring it Through Hollywood,” she co-authored with friend and comedienne Henriette Mantel, chronicles her career and the everyday struggles of living with multiple sclerosis.Martha Gingrich, a CAN DO Program participant, gave a speech about her journey with multiple sclerosis from hospital bed to her up-coming third appearance in the New York Marathon. Gingrich’s 13-year-old daughter, Jessica, gave a moving speech about the challenges of growing up with a parent who has the disease. Jimmie Heuga a talented skier and Billy Kidd were the first male Americans to win medals in the Olympics – they won silver and bronze, respectively, in 1964. A few years later, Jimmy was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Contrary to the beliefs at that time which required multiple sclerosis sufferers to rest, Heuga found that exercise helped hi and started the Heuga Center for Multiple Sclerosis to help others with the disease remain active.

“We sincerely appreciate those of you who have attended this dinner in the past, supporting our work and welcoming newcomers to the Heuga Center family,” Heuga said at the gala. “It is through this growing effort of individuals and corporations that we can continue our work transforming lives of people facing the challenges and the unpredictable circumstances of multiple sclerosis.” Being the year 2006, galas have changed. Less than half the men were dressed in tuxes. However all were nicely dressed in dark suits with ties and coats, the entire room had a feeling of elegance.

“The generosity shown by guests at the dinner was astonishing,” said Brian Hutchinson, president of The Heuga Center. “Last year we held over 60 programs and touched 7000 people. The funds raised in New York will help us achieve our goals for 2007, which include bringing two of our world-renowned CAN DO Programs to Vail, and broadening our base of MS services throughout the country.”

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