Acupuncture improves end of dog’s life |

Acupuncture improves end of dog’s life

Nadine Lober
Vail, CO Colorado

How acupuncture helped the last year of Willy’s life:

My clients had to say good-bye to their beloved dog, Willy. He was an older terrier, getting senile and had a few medical problems. He had arthritis in his spine, knees and right shoulder.

When I started acupuncture on Willy his right front leg was very lame, he could not bend his neck to the right without severe pain, his spine was hunched and he’d had ligaments repaired in both knees.

He was a mess and had trouble sleeping at night: He would moan and groan, and was restless.

Unfortunately for me, Willy was not a very nice dog and did not like strangers. If he happened to walk by me, I learned quickly not to reach down and pet him if I wanted to keep my fingers.

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He was a grouchy old dog, but he was in a lot of pain. His owners had had Willy since he was a puppy, and loved him They wanted to try anything to alleviate his pain and make the rest of his life comfortable, if possible.

Arthritis is a very painful condition and it worsens in the winter with the cold and snow. Deep snow is always harder for arthritic dogs as it requires more effort and will cause more soreness.

During the acupuncture sessions, Willy’s owner needed to restrain Willy’s head so that he would not bite me. He acted like it was torture but we knew that most of it was an act. I treated his shoulder, his back, his knees and his arthritis. Acupuncture works great to control pain and also rebalances and energizes the body.

Willy got weekly acupuncture treatments for a month, then went to every other week. After the first session, he was already walking better, and most of all he stopped moaning at night. He seemed to be more comfortable over all.

After a few sessions ” and having taken glucosamine ” Willy was definitely doing much better. He would limp on the front leg only if he happened to slip on his owners’ hardwood floors or if he got stuck under some furniture and struggled to free himself.

But if he did slip and hurt himself, he improved immediately following an acupuncture session. Sometimes he would be sore at the beginning of a treatment and once the last needle was removed he would walk away energetically.

We continued acupuncture on Willy for months, and Willy had other problems that we dealt with along the way. He was loosing his eyesight and his hearing, and he was getting grumpier, so we started him on some natural calmers.

He kept his appetite and will to live until other, more serious illnesses ” like cancer ” took over. I must say that I will miss Willy, he was a character. His owners know that they did everything to make the last part of his life comfortable.

Dr. Nadine Lober can be reached at 949-7972

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