Adam, what are YOU doing? |

Adam, what are YOU doing?

Richard Carnes Special to the Daily

It is human nature to question that which we do not understand.

Curiosity to have questions answered, but driven by a need for increased knowledge as opposed to an innate desire to survive, also belongs exclusively with mankind.

It is choosing when to ignore an obvious answer – thus not allowing the question any undeserved relevance – or exposing the question for the ignorance it promotes, that defines us as either proactive or reactive individuals.

In other words, Adam, what in the world were you doing by bothering to respond to questionable quotes in the Denver press?

You want to promote assumed negative comments that you do not agree with? Then, by all means, write a scathing column to be viewed by hundreds of thousands along the Front Range, as well as here in Happy Valley. That way you will have guaranteed yourself that anyone who did not read the negative comments earlier will certainly read them now.

Come on, Aron, the one sure way to make a child do something is to first tell them they absolutely, under no circumstance, are allowed to do so. If you would have simply cringed, closed your eyes, and counted to 10 upon reading the quotes, then you probably would not have had the knee-jerk reaction you did, and most folks would have simply ignored or forgotten the comments.

I mean, seriously, do you really think Al Franken’s new conservative-bashing babble would be No. 1 on Amazon’s sales chart if Bill O’Reilly had NOT made a big deal about Franken’s jokes made at his expense in Chapter 13?

Or how about Gary “sure-go-ahead-follow-me” Hart challenging the press to find any monkey business skeletons in his closet?

If he had just kept his mouth shut, he might of become president of the world’s most successful democracy. But no, out of shear arrogance and/or stupidity, he had to make public challenges to prove himself a saint, which as we all know, was fiction to begin with.

If you don’t want people to see something, then for Pete’s (Seibert) sake, don’t show it to them.

And to make matters worse, are you really threatening that if one particular person does not keep their mouth shut then you will punish the rest of us locals by “tripling” the cost for a day on the mountain?

I suddenly feel like I’m in the second grade and Mrs. Peabody is threatening the entire class with no afternoon playground privileges because somebody “tooted” while her back was turned.

Now we are supposed to believe the Front Range is comprised of mindless skiing and snowboarding followers incapable of reaching individual conclusions upon reading a single opinion from a single mountain-based letter.

That, sir, is an even bigger insult.

And then you continue a few days later by congregating around a public fire hydrant in a match to see who has the bigger wit. Your own jabber is allowing opinion to trump fact.

Hell, I get called an idiot with the regularity of a fiber fed cockatoo, yet you don’t see me responding with public insults and generic innuendo simply to point out the ignorance of others (not counting the BEAN columns, of course). Besides, there are much more devious ways to accomplish that.

Why did you let it bother you? You’re a smart fellow; you had to know ahead of time what you were doing, right?

UNLESS, wait a minute – could it be true? Was the entire thing a ruse for back-end justification of an upcoming hefty price increase in local ski passes? Could you really be THAT manipulative? Are these the tactics you learned from the airline industry?


Anyway, instead of accusing others with “loose lips sinking ships,: how about:

n Flapping lips cause profit dips.

n Attempting detention causes attention.

n Attempts to stymie construed as slimy.

Whichever you choose, talk about a fire that doesn’t need another piece of wood.

Please, for the sake of Happy Valley, just leave it alone and get back to doing your job. It’s what we pay you for.

Richard Carnes of Edwards writes a weekly column for the Daily. He can be reached at

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