Adams State police investigate blow-dart attack in Alamosa |

Adams State police investigate blow-dart attack in Alamosa

ALAMOSA, Colorado ” Adams State College police say they’re looking for clues into an apparent blow-dart attack on campus.

College Police Chief Joel Shults said a student was struck with a 4-inch dart Wednesday night near the Student Union Building computer lab. He said the dart likely came from a blow gun.

The woman was taken by ambulance to San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center, where she was treated and released. The dart was recovered and taken as evidence.

“We have no reason to believe that this was anything other than a random attack,” Shults said. “This was a painful and cowardly thing to do. I’ve been in the business a long time, and this is one of the most mean-spirited crimes I’ve seen.”

The victim’s name wasn’t released.

A vehicle that may have been associated with the incident is described as a dark-colored, medium-sized, four-door sedan. Anyone with information is asked to call Alamosa Crime Stoppers at 719-589-4111.

“Somebody knows who did this thing, and they need to let us know,” Shults said. “There aren’t many people cruising around Alamosa with a blow gun.”

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