Adan Ortiz |

Adan Ortiz

Sport: Basketball

Nickname: Tortuga

Age: 14

Class of: 2008

What’s the best thing about Winter Break? Christmas.

What’s your favorite class and why? Physical education, because you get a good exercise and learn new games.

What’s the best thing about your sport? Shooting ” it really takes a lot of skill.

What’s something that you’ve personally done recently to prepare for your season? Over the summer I

practiced at the basketball courts in Avon.

Your idea of the perfect meal is … Meat with rice, beans, a flour tortilla and Sprite.

Who’s your team rival? Dallas.

Who’s your role model and why? My parents, because they tell me to do the best I can and encourage me to do things.

Sprints or push-ups? Sprints.

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