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Add the role of peacemaker

Don Rogers

In this sense, without saying this, in a very tangible way Seibert played the role of peacemaker in the long wake of the world war.

Of course, it helped that thesefolks happened to be great skiersand took to Vail like CEOs to stock options.

We just found this an interesting thought, and not out of character for Seibert.

TV rot

Yes, we’re out of touch and in this case couldn’t be prouder. Looking over the top 20 television shows of the past week, according to Nielson, we noticed that we’d managed to miss them all and most of these shows we’d never seen, ever.

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We know we swim against a storm-flow current by railing against the rot most of America is watching. Most of America is getting fatter, lazier, seemingly stupider and ever less likely to engage in civic activity of any helpful kind.

Not here, of course. As a community this one is richer, healthier and more giving of money – if not time – than most of the country. The Vail Valley must have more foundations and PR people per capita of anywhere this side of, well, Aspen.

Just don’t ask our denizens to recycle, vote or slow down on watering their lawns or golf courses. …

Baton boys

A bit of ugliness we’ve not addressed: A while back a reporter covered the talk of an Edwards neighborhood – a fellow marching daily and joyfully with a baton and dressed, well, rather extravagantly.

Turned out this fellow was a laid-off flight crew member from United we’d heard about on National Public Radio, and he had come to visit the Vail Valley.

After our report, a couple of ol’ boys who must be from Wyoming called, incensed that we’d pollute our pages with a story about an overtly gay man trying to lighten the mood across America that was darkened Sept. 11. These fellows were stereotypical homophobes, whose hostility seemed to quite overwhelm mere distaste for an “alternative” orientation. You’d think we’d run pictures of nudity, ludity and campaigned actively in the schools for everyone to change their sexuality, judging by the outrage expressed by these Bubbas. They sounded worried they might start twirling batons themselves at any minute.


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