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Addicted to the minors

Wren Wertin
Special to the DailyA-Minor Addiction gets retro in the closet with a couple of one-piece ski suits. Their music is more cutting edge than they are.

His pet project, A-Minor Addiction, is playing at the new Powder Hounds in Lionshead tonight and Saturday at 10.

The quartet has made a name for itself playing, as one fan stated, “covers I actually listen to.”

“We have been getting great responses wherever we play,” said Vernon, who co-founded the group with John Martin.

He attributes their instant success to a solid song list of popular tunes nobody else in Vail is playing. They don’t cover the same songs that have become the gospel of apres, such as Jimmy Buffet. Instead they dish out what they like to listen to. Their set list includes songs from Sublime, Smashmouth, Counting Crows, 3-Doors Down, REM, Big Head Todd, Third Eye Blind, Stone Temple Pilots, Barenaked Ladies and The Bodeans. New songs in the rotation include “When I Grow Up” by Garbage and a couple by Jack Johnson.

“We wanted to choose music to keep bodies in motion – upbeat and danceable,” said Vernon.

“Our intent is to play great music and have more fun than anyone else in the place,” said Martin.

Martin and Vernon share lead vocals and guitar duties. They are joined by Chase Wiens (bass, back-up vocals) and Patrick “Peek” Ganley (drums).

They’ve been known to throw in the occasional original tune, such as “Back Bowl 5,” but are primarily interested in being known as a cover band, playing the songs people already know and like.

A-Minor Addiction plays Powder Hounds (formerly Gravity) in Lionshead at 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

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