Adults can pay Denver marijuana tickets by mail |

Adults can pay Denver marijuana tickets by mail

DENVER, Colorado ” Denver’s city attorney says adults cited for possessing less than an ounce of marijuana can now pay their citations through the mail rather than appear in court.

Assistant City Attorney Vincent DiCroce announced the rule change at a Denver Marijuana Policy Review Panel meeting Wednesday.

The panel was created after Denver voters approved a measure in November to make adult marijuana possession the city’s “lowest law-enforcement priority.” The panel consists of police, city officials, attorneys and marijuana proponents.

The panel also voted 5-4 to recommend to the city council that the city attorney stop prosecuting simple adult marijuana-possession cases altogether.

An initiative to legalize possession of less than an ounce of marijuana for adults over 21 first passed in 2005. The move didn’t stop arrests because police continued to enforce state laws.

Mayor John Hickenlooper and other city officials had declared November’s initiative unenforceable and noted that possession of small amounts of marijuana already was one of the city’s lowest law enforcement priorities.

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