Advancements reflect Avon Recreation Center’s evolution from a gym to a community center |

Advancements reflect Avon Recreation Center’s evolution from a gym to a community center

The town recently invested $465,000 into a remodel and upgrade to meet growing demand

The Avon Rec Center received $465,000 in upgrades in 2019, adding equipment and renovating spaces to accommodate a growing user base.
Barry Eckhaus | Special to the Daily

AVON — A few years ago, John Curutchet noticed a change in the general vibe of the Avon Recreation Center.

Curutchet, the rec center director, has worked there 20 of the 25 years it has been in operation.

“In the last five years … I’m really starting to see this evolve from the rec center, to really what I would call a community center,” Curutchet said. “You’ll see people come in here, and they’ll gather in the lobby, and they’ll gather around the front desk, and they’ll visit, and socialize a little bit, and then they’ll go do their workout.

“We’re looking at this trend of people satisfying that very necessary, in my opinion, and very healthy, social piece too,” Curutchet added. “It’s not surprising, but that wasn’t the case, in years past.”

Upgrades in order

In 2015, the recreation center saw a daily average of 390 users. By 2019, it was up to 471.

A few upgrades were needed to meet the new demand; longtime rec center user Zach Haynes said the free weight area was getting a bit confined.

“It was getting crowded … you had to plan your time around the busy schedule of the day,” Haynes said. “It was pretty hot, and you couldn’t move around a lot in there.”

Avon resident Jessica Woods said while she’s always appreciated the rec center for its value, “The treadmills were a big issue,” she said. “They were always taken.”

In 2019 the town invested $465,000 into a remodel and upgrade, adding 12 treadmills, eight elliptical trainers, six Stages Solo interactive spin bikes, five upright and four recumbent bikes, three rowers, three adaptive motion trainers, two step mills and a SkiErg.

As a result, Woods said the value of a membership now is better than it has ever been.

“It’s been great because I never actually have to wait for a treadmill anymore,” she said.

The rec center also added a new 2,560-square-foot advanced strength training room featuring the largest selection of free weights in Eagle County.

“It’s in a large, open area, where you can now do multiple things with all the free weights, be it dumbbells or plate weights,” Haynes said. “They doubled their squat racks, which was needed, and now they’ve got an Olympic squat rack for actual deadlifts and squats.”

Celebration sale

The best way to get in at the Avon Rec Center is to buy an unlimited use pass on Nov. 29, or to buy a punch card on Dec. 10.

The transferable punch card is for the person “who comes less frequently, or has family members that visit,” Curutchet said. 

The Dec. 10 sale offers a $25-visit card for $81. On Dec. 11 the price goes back up to $155.

The Nov. 29 Black Friday sale on memberships offers unlimited use through April 30 for $200 to Avon residents, down from $280 normally. Non-residents pay $100 more.

“And we’re easy — if someone says my pass expires on this day, what can we do? We make it work,” Curutchet said.

Visit the Avon Recreation Center in person to take advantage of the sales.

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