After 25 years of Army service, Doll retires |

After 25 years of Army service, Doll retires

Shirley Welch

Right away Frank began his next job for the Army, which was to oversee the National Guard. He had quite a few people working for him all over Central California. Some of the men working with Frank liked to play golf and they introduced Frank to the game. At a city course in Stockton, it cost Frank a dollar a round to play and pretty soon he decided he couldn’t afford NOT to play.The course was flat and an inviting place to learn the game. Over the next three years, Frank played a lot of golf.

While in Stockton and with extra time on his hands, Frank decided to expand his mind in a new area and took classes in accounting.This was a far cry from studying rocks or managing cows or military personal.

Sharon Doll graduated from high school in Stockton and continued her education there in nursing school, getting her nursing degree. Kathy attended middle school, and Patty was in grammar school. For something different to do, Imogene took a class from the parks and recreation district in cake decorating. This class was the start of a profession that would follow Imogene the rest of her life.

With Frank’s three years up it was time for him to make a decision. After careful consideration, and with 25 years of service behind him, which meant he could retire, and with the option of staying in the Army and going to Vietnam, Frank decided he had given the Army enough of his years. So on May 1, 1968 Lt. Col. Frank Doll retired from the United States Army, receiving his retirement at the Alameda Naval Air Station in California.

On June 1st, 1968, Frank, Imogene, Kathy and Patty returned to Colorado, leaving Sharon behind in Stockton to finish her nursing education.

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