After the wedding: keeping it together |

After the wedding: keeping it together

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‘Til Death Do Us Part …

The trials and tribulations of life after The Big Day

As kids, we all sang that song: “Johnny and Suzy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage.”

If only life were that simple.

But with a little bit of sage advice, married life can live up to the vows, plans and dreams you and your betrothed set forth before you were husband and wife.

With that in mind, we asked the folks at, a website for newlyweds, for a few pointers on life after The Big Day. Read on.

– New husband, new name, new home, and, oh yeah, a new family. Whether they want to smother you with kindness or kick you to the curb, figuring out where his or her family fits in with your life can cause major anxiety. Don’t waste time frustrated or fighting with your mate. Rather, learn ” and accept ” these simple laws of dealing with the in-laws

– Law Number One: Every family has a different way of doing things.

– Law Number Two: Never spend more than three days under the same roof with your in-laws.

– Law Number Three: Try (try really, really hard!) not to bash each other’s parents.

– Law Number Four: Call your mother-in-law once in a while to say hi, even if it kills you.

– Law Number Five: Never criticize your spouse within earshot of their family.

– Law Number Six: Deal with your own family.

– You’re married now, so it’s time to start taking care of all those things mom and dad once handled for you. At the top of the list: insurance. Here are the policies to be sure you have in place:

– Ring Insurance

– Renters’ or Homeowners’ Insurance

– Car Insurance

– Life Insurance

– Disability Insurance

– Whether you’ve been married for three months or three years, you’re bound to get into routines that hurt your relationship. And knowing that you’re in a rut is the first step toward fixing the problem. Below are eight common marriage ruts. Are you in one?

– Watching TV during dinner.

– Going too long without sex.

– Going a whole workday without talking to your sweetheart.

– Tuning each other out.

– Not fighting.

– Going out more with friends than with your spouse.

– Being too close.

– Sharing too much with your parents or in-laws.

– Purchasing a home can be a dream come true that crumbles worse than a termite-infested foundation if you don’t think about a few important factors before you start your search. So ask yourselves these questions:

– How much can you spend?

– What do you need to actually do this?

– Where do you see yourself in five years?

– How do you find your dream home … or at least how do you get started?

– – What seals the deal?

– What’s with the new baby boom? And more important, what’s to stop you two from jumping into the race ASAP? If the baby buzz is hitting close to home, you’re not alone. We’re sure you know that having a baby isn’t something to take lightly ” but be careful you’re not rushing into it for the wrong reasons.

– Wrong Reason 1: You Need Something New to Obsess Over

– Wrong Reason 2: You’re Freaked Out About Fertility

– Wrong Reason 3: Everyone Is Having Them

– Wrong Reason 4: You Think a Baby Is a Quick Fix

– Wrong Reason 5: There’s Pressure From Parents

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