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Sarah Dixon
BY PRESTON UTLEY Get beyond tacos with regional favorites like bistec de chile.

Situated conveniently between Avon and Edwards, Agave has long been considered a favorite by locals and visitors alike. The error-proof menu is full of accessible Mexican favorites alongside original south-of-the-border cuisine.

Agave is known for its collection of fine tequila, including the batch brewed with a dead rattlesnake, and incredible margaritas. Try the Presidential (flush with brandy flavor), the Tradicional (with satol plata, Cointreau and fresh lime juice) or the prickly pear, which is colorful but not fruity in the least. Margarita fans and first-time experimentalists unite!

Some of the best-known and most loved menu items at Agave are the starters. The freshly grilled traditional tortillas are not unlike a hot-out-of-the-oven loaf of bread. They come to the table piping hot with salsa for dipping. You’ll have to remind yourself to save room for the entrees. The mahi mahi ceviche is another house specialty, with a melt-in-your mouth consistency and a delicate lime flavor. The traditional empanadas are filled with savory chicken and hearty huitlacoche. They taste like the Old World.

If your experience at Agave has been limited to the bang-for-your-buck taco nights, rest assured: You’re missing out. The menu is a testament to the diversity and variety of Mexican food and will blow away your stereotypes of south-of-the-border cuisine. “This is a great restaurant for the adventurous,” said owner Rich Wheelock. The San Diego native grew up in a culture imbued with varied Mexican influences. “Mexican food is as diverse as what you might find across America.”

In addition to the expected Mexican fare such as enchiladas, tamales and burritos, Agave offers distinct flavor profiles within many entrees. Don’t miss the bistec de chile served with an ancho mushroom sauce and poblano scalloped potatoes. Another favorite is the halibut with poblano cream sauce, and the paella diablo puts a savory Mexican spin on the traditional Spanish dish.

To enhance your culinary voyage, Agave features an ornate, impressive interior with traditional Mexican decor touches and soaring vaulted ceilings. From the tiled bar to the high back wooden chairs, the atmosphere rounds out what promises to be a unique and distinctive Mexican dining experience – right here in our Happy Valley.

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