Agenda for the 5.22.08 Upper Eagle River and Sanitation District meeting |

Agenda for the 5.22.08 Upper Eagle River and Sanitation District meeting

Daily Staff ReportVail CO, Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado Check the WEB EXTRAS for a downloadable version of the EAGLE RIVER WATER & SANITATION DISTRICT’s agenda for the May 22, 2008 meeting.EAGLE RIVER WATER & SANITATION DISTRICT Regular Meeting May 22, 2008 1:00 p.m. AGENDA 05-22-01 Oaths of Office a. Debbie Buckley b. Frederick P. Sackbauer IV c. David Viele d. Robert Warner, Jr. 05-22-02 Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest 05-22-03 Election of Officers a. Chairperson/President b. Treasurer c. Secretary d. Vice President and Assistant Secretary/Treasurer 05-22-04 Public Comment 05-22-05 Consultant/Guest Introduction 05-22-06 Minutes of Meetings Minutes of Joint Meeting of April 24, 2008 * Consideration: Approval or Modification Minutes of Regular Meeting of April 24, 2008 * Consideration: Approval or Modification 05-22-07 Designation of Representative to Eagle Park Reservoir Company 05-22-08 Vail Valley Forest Health Project Caroline Byus * a. Request for Funds to Protect Water Resources Eric Lovgren, Eagle County 05-22-09 Report by Water CounselGlenn Porzak a. Legislative Session Summary b. Camp Hale Pilot Project c. Edwards Pumpback d. Executive Session pursuant to 24-6-402(4)(b) and (e) C.R.S. 1. Ford and Donovan Parks Raw Water System 2. Colorado River Basin Proposal * Eagle River Water & Sanitation District Agenda May 22, 2008 Page 2 * Indicates Attachment F:15WSD1adminBoardAGENDAS2008Ws08-05.docx 05-22-10 Report by Assistant General Manager Linn Brooks * a. Water Rights and Tap Fee Task Force Update b. Flattops Ranches Update c. Red Cliff Operations 05-22-11 Report by Legal CounselJim Collins * 05-22-12 Report by General ManagerDennis Gelvin a. Eagle Park Reservoir Update b. Audit Committee Update c. Request for Joint Special Meeting of the Boards in July d. Other Matters CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS 05-22-13 Consent Agenda Items Consideration: Approval or Modification a. Ratification of Agreements and Change Orders Contract Log * b. Financial Report 1. Monthly Report * 2. Cash Disbursements Journal Summary Through May 14, 2008 * INFORMATION REPORTS 05-22-14 Operations Reports a. Monthly Water Sales-ERWSD * b. Monthly Water Sales-UERWA * c. Distribution/Collection Report * d. Water Production and Consumption Report * e. Interconnect Report * f. Tap Fee Summary * g. UERWA April Summary Memo * h. ERWSD April Summary Memo * i. The March 27, 2008 UERWA Meeting Minutes * 05-22-15 Matters Pending and Future Agenda Items * 05-22-16 Adjournment FYI *

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