Agenda for the April 1, 2008, meeting of the Eagle County BOCC |

Agenda for the April 1, 2008, meeting of the Eagle County BOCC

Daily Staff ReportVail CO, Colorado

3/28/2008 3:04 PMAGENDABOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERSREGULAR MEETINGApril 1, 2008* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *1.8:15 8:30Discussion ItemsBoCC Conference Room2.8:30 9:00Meetings Attended / Future MeetingsBoCC Conference Room3.9:00Weekly UpdateBoCC Conference RoomAttorney UpdateBryan Treu, County AttorneyManager UpdateBruce Baumgartner, County Manager1.10 a.m. – Dennis Fisher, CDHS State Field Representative2.Economic Council affordable housing store3.Airport land exchange4.Other11:00On the Record Eagle County RoomPledge of Allegiance4.Consent Agenda Items of a routine and non-controversial nature are placed on the consent agenda to allow the Board of County Commissioners to spend its time and energy on more important items on a lengthy agenda. Any Commissioner may request that an item be REMOVED from the consent agenda and considered separately. Any member of the public may REQUEST any item be REMOVED from the consent agenda.A.Approval of bill paying for the week of March 31, 2008 (subject to review by the Finance Director)Finance Department RepresentativeB.Approval of payroll for April 10, 2008 (subject to review by the Finance Director)Finance Department RepresentativeC.Approval of the minutes of the Eagle County Board of Commissioners meeting for March 11, 2008Teak Simonton, Clerk & RecorderD.Resolution Approving the Amendment of Resolution No. 2007-120; Resolution Establishing Public Meeting days for the Eagle Board of County Commissioners for Fiscal Year 2008County Attorneys Office RepresentativeE.Agreement between Eagle County and Voorhis Associates, Inc. for the provision of consulting servicesSheriffs Department RepresentativeF.Agreement between Eagle County and Vail Clinic, Inc. DBA Vail Valley Medical Center for employee wellness programNora Fryklund, Human ResourcesG.Agreement between Eagle County and the State of Colorado Department of Transportation for the Colorado Discretionary Aviation Grant for funding of the airport AIP 41Rick Ullom, Facilities ManagementH.Resolution Concerning Appointment of James Dawkins, Dan Seibel, Tori Franks, Garratt Hasenstab and Greg Moffet to the Eagle County Planning CommissionCounty Attorneys Office RepresentativeI.Commercial lease between Gypsum Capital Partners LLC and Eagle County for day care spaceCounty Attorneys Office RepresentativeJ.A Resolution Approving a Special Use Permit for Cricket Communications Co-location Telecommunications Facility @ Trinity Baptist Church, (Eagle County File No. ZS-00159)Lisa de Graaf, Community DevelopmentK.A Resolution approving an Amendment to the St. Clare of Assisi Planned Unite Development (Eagle County File No. PDA-00062)Bob Narracci, Community DevelopmentL.Red Draw Deed Restricted Condominium Units, Phase 1; Minor Type B Subdivision. The purpose of the plat is to create 16 condominium units based on the conditions of the approval for the St. Clare of Assisi PUD. (Eagle County File No. SMB-00430) Terri Johnson, Community Development5.Public InputAny member of the public may address the Board on matters which are within the jurisdiction of the Board. If you are addressing the Board regarding a matter listed on the agenda, you are requested to hold your comments until the Board takes up that matter. Please limit your comments to three (3) minutes.6.Eagle County Liquor License Authority Kathy Scriver, Clerk & Recorders Office Consent Agenda – RenewalsA.The Boater Bar, LLCDBA Boater BarB.Diamond Five, Ltd. DBA Coyote Caf C.Daniels Foods, Inc. DBA Mirabelle at Beaver Creek7.Other8.12:00 1:30Commissioners discussion items and work sessionsBoCC Conference Room1.BoCC goals, objectives and policy planning2.Other9.1:30 2:00Work Session Mid-Valley Master PlanEagle County RoomKris Aoki, Community Development10.2:00 2:15Planning Files Eagle County Room1.ZS-00164 Jones Gulch 10th Mountain Division HutJena Skinner-Markowitz, Planning Department NOTE:To be tabled to 6/17/08ACTION:The purpose of this Special Use Permit is to construct a new 10th Mountain Division backcountry location, known as Jones Gulch on Forest Service lands near Ski Cooper/Camp Hale. The new site will encompass approximately 1/3 of an acre and will contain two (2) new huts that sleep six (6) and10 persons for a total capacity of 16. This capacity is identical to all of the other huts owned and operated by 10th Mountain which allows linked hut trips of the same size groups. The applicants are in the process of concurrently amending their existing Special Use Permit from the Forest Service in order to include this new location under that permit as well.LOCATION:On Forest Service Lands between Ski Cooper and Camp Hale; S1, 8S,80W.,39 degrees 23.238 N 106 degrees 16.345 W. Access is slated from Ski Cooper or at existing Tennessee Pass (Forest Service) trailhead.2.PDSP-00027; ZC-00091 McCoy Creek Cabins PUDJena Skinner-Markowitz, Planning Department (2 hours) NOTE:Tabled from 3/18/08. To be tabled to a date determined.ACTION: The purpose of this PUD Sketch/Preliminary Plan & Zone Change is to create a new residential PUD for a maximum of five (5) dwelling units on three (3) lots on an isolated 10 acre parcel which is surrounded by the Arrowhead PUD.LOCATION:This parcel, known as the Mann Parcel, is accessed from Cresta Road and is surrounded by the Arrowhead PUD, in Edwards. S15, T5S, R82W3.GIS Zone District Amy Keeley & Bob Narracci (15 Minutes)Adoption of GIS Zone District Overlay Maps as Eagle Countys Official Zone District Maps.THE NEXT MEETING OF THE EAGLE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS WILL BE HELD ON APRIL 8, 2008ALL MEETINGS WILL BE HELD IN THE EAGLE COUNTY BUILDING – 500 BROADWAY, EAGLE – OR OTHERWISE NOTED.THIS AGENDA IS PROVIDED FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY – ALL TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE.THE BOARD WHILE IN SESSION MAY CONSIDER OTHER ITEMS THAT ARE BROUGHT BEFORE IT. SCHEDULED ITEMS MAY BE CONTINUED IF THE BOARD IS UNABLE TO COMPLETE ITS AGENDA AS SCHEDULED.

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