Agenda for the Eagle Water River and Sanitation Distrct – 5.24.07 |

Agenda for the Eagle Water River and Sanitation Distrct – 5.24.07

Daily Staff ReportVail CO, Colorado

EAGLE RIVER WATER & SANITATION DISTRICTRegular MeetingMay 24, 20071:00 p.m.

AGENDA05-24-01Public Comment05-24-02Consultant/Guest Introduction05-24-03Minutes of MeetingsMinutes of Regular Meeting of April 26, 2007 *Consideration: Approval or Modification05-24-04Report by Water CounselGlenn Porzak05-24-05Appendix A for Wolcott Water and Sewer: Draft Becky Bultemeier *05-24-06Report by Legal CounselJim Collins *05-24-07Report by General ManagerDennis Gelvina.Monthly Staff Reports *b.Review Property Appraisal for Possible Acquisition c.Wastewater Self Certification Programd.IT Infrastructure Projecte.Minturn Wastewater Plant & Treatment Alternativesf.Other MattersCONSENT AGENDA ITEMS05-24-08Consent Agenda ItemsConsideration: Approval or Modificationa.Ratification of Agreements and Change Orders Contract Log *b.Financial Report1.Monthly Report *2.Cash Disbursements Journal Summary Through May 16, 2007 * Page 1 of 2 INFORMATION REPORTS05-24-09Operations Reportsa.Monthly Water Sales-ERWSD * b.Monthly Water Sales-UERWA *c.Capital Improvement Program ERWSD Summary Report *d.Capital Improvement Program UERWA Report *e.Distribution/Collection Report *f.Water Production and Consumption Report *i.Interconnect Report *j.Tap Fee Summary *g.ERWSD April Summary Memo *h.UERWA April Summary Memo *k.The March 22, 2007 UERWA Meeting Minutes *05-24-10Matters Pending and Future Agenda Items *05-24-11AdjournmentFYI *

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