Agenda for the Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority meeting. 5.24.07 |

Agenda for the Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority meeting. 5.24.07

Daily Staff Report
Vail CO, Colorado


Regular Meeting

May 24, 2007

8:30 a.m.


05-24-01 Oath of Office

– Bill Maxwell – Arrowhead Metropolitan District

05-24-02 Public Comment

05-24-03 Consultant/Guest Introduction

05-24-04 Minutes of Meetings

– Minutes of Regular Meeting of April 26, 2007 *

Consideration: Approval or Modification

05-24-05 Report by Water Counsel”Glenn Porzak

05-24-06 Consideration of Water Rights Dedication: Edwards Spray Park – Linn Schorr

05-24-07 2006 Audited Financial Statements: Draft – Clifton Gunderson LLP *

05-24-08 Report by Legal Counsel”Jim Collins

05-24-09 Report by General Manager”Dennis Gelvin

a. Monthly Staff Reports *

b. Other Matters

05-24-10 Report by Finance Manager”Becky Bultemeier

– April Financials *

Consideration: Approval or Modification

Information Only

05-24-11 Reports That Require No Action

a. Monthly Water Sales-UERWA *

b. Monthly Water Sales-ERWSD *

c. Capital Improvement Program Report *

d. Contract Log *

e. Distribution/Collection Status Report *

f. Water Production and Consumption Report *

g. Interconnect Operations Report *

h. Tap Fee Report *

i. System Capacity vs. System Demand *

j. ERWSD April Summary Memo *

k. UERWA April Summary Memo *

05-24-12 Adjournment


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