Aghast at price of Vail parking space for sale |

Aghast at price of Vail parking space for sale

Terry Quinn
Eagle, CO, Colorado

Why There Are Socialists And Other Kinds Of Lefties Department:

Headline: Prime Vail parking space available for $500,000

This is like those Detroit big shots who came to D.C. recently, each in his own private jet, to ask for handouts. Or AIG, whose execs sojourned at a pricey spa while it was getting assigned a space at the federal trough.

There are wealthy people who are clueless ” or indifferent ” about the effect their extravagance has on others less fortunate.

It’s amazing how anyone could pay that kind of money for a parking space, so he doesn’t have to walk so far to get to the slopes. I presume it’s a super-size space, so a Hummer or stretch limo can fit in it.

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Terry Quinn


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