Air drop training planned in Eagle this Saturday, May 26 |

Air drop training planned in Eagle this Saturday, May 26

Pam Boyd | A Chinook helicopter from the Colorado Army National Guard’s High Altitude Aviation Training Site at the Eagle County Regional Airport practices water bucket flying north of Gypsum this week.

EAGLE — The summer of 2018 may turn out to be a long, dry, hot one, but Eagle residents need not be alarmed when they see helicopter air drop training this weekend.

On Saturday May 26, a group of local fire districts will be conducting a practical exercise at the Haymeadow property located just south of the Eagle Pool & Ice Rink. The Greater Eagle Fire Department, Gypsum Fire Department, Eagle River Fire District and Vail Fire Department will be training with State of Colorado Fire Prevention/Control, the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Bureau of Land Management. The training will include live water drops with aircraft, training with drones and other wildland firefighting skills.

“Don’t be alarmed, there will be low flying aircraft in the area performing proficiency water drops in the fields,” said Lt. Jacob Best of Greater Eagle Fire. “This will begin around 10 a.m. and should not last longer than an hour.”

The public is welcome to view the training from the Eagle Pool & Ice Rink parking lot or bike paths. No one will be allowed in the Haymeadow area for safety reasons. There will be no parking allowed on Brush Creek Road during the training exercise.

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