Airport on "high alert’ today |

Airport on "high alert’ today

Kathy Heicher

Ray Krebs, federal security director for the Eagle, Aspen, and Hayden airports announced the upgrade on Tuesday. He indicated the terrorist alert was related to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on America.

None of the Colorado Mountain resort regional airports had received any specific threats or been singled out for terrorist activity. Eagle County Airport Manager Eddie Storer said the high alert for the local airport is primarily an awareness issue.

“That just means we do what we have been doing, only better,” he remarked. Storer said the high alert status did not require additional staff.

“They’re just asking everybody to be more vigilant in their jobs, and for the traveling public to be vigilant, make sure they are taking care of their baggage,” said Storer.

Currently, the only commercial traffic at the airport is three United flights to Denver daily.

Krebs urged American citizens abroad and at home to remain vigilant.

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