All are winners with home rule |

All are winners with home rule

Please cast your “Yes” vote on question 1A to support the home rule charter commission when your Eagle County mail-in ballot appears in your mailbox shortly. Please ask your friends and neighbors to do the same.

A “yes” vote supports:

” A diverse group of citizens from throughout our county to study the issues and bring a proposal back to us next year. This is a chance to look at the most effective and fair structure for our county.

” Local knowledge in decision making.

” The opportunity to communicate locally with your commissioners.

Please cast your votes accordingly for the existing three precincts and for two at-large candidates:

” Roaring Fork Valley: Jacque Whitsitt, Bob Schultz

” District 1: Colleen McCarthy

” District 2: Don Cohen, Ron Wolfe and Charlie Wick

” At large: Dave Mott and Rohn Robbins.

These fine folks are working for us!

Thank you,

Sue Mozian


I’m writing in support of Diana Donovan for another term on the Vail Town Council. Diana has a strong environmental background, and in these times it’s crucial to have elected officials who understand and care about the environment. I’ve worked with Diana on important local issues, including recent attempts to have Cross Creek designated under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. It would be Colorado’s first wilderness wild river. Thanks to her support, we are making progress. Diana’s positive record on such issues goes back decades. She was part of our efforts to stop the Homestake II water diversion project in the 1980s. So too, was her well-known father, William Bird Mounsey, who’s University of the Wilderness was an early supporter of the Holy Cross Wilderness Defense Fund. As a former board member of that organization, I’ve spent many years working on wilderness, water, and recreational issues that are integral to the quality of life in Vail. Diana Donovan is the right choice to represent these quality of life concerns for the town of Vail.

Tom Phillips


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