All calm along the comment front |

All calm along the comment front

Don Rogers

Vail Daily, Vail Colorado COThe doldrums aren’t a certain latitude in the Pacific. They are here and now. Oh sure, a stray crabapple still sore about Vail Resorts’ interest in an alpine slide at Beaver Creek, and our support, has kept striking the Web site with rather venomous comments about this and that. And one of those good folks publicly aghast at anonymous comments has dropped a couple here and there, mainly aimed at evil developers.Pushing the nativist hot button about the most solvable of our nation’s crises – illegal immigration – sparked a little flurry of fiery letters. Imagine the very nerve of suggesting that matching the number work visas to jobs would go a long ways toward acknowledging the huge job vacuum and spare us all the woes of illegal immigrants while getting the work done. Nah, better to spend billions on a fence and endless infernal fuming about foreigners doing jobs that won’t be filled otherwise. This one ranks right up there with Prohibition for self-inflicted crises.The election frenzy has long since passed. Maybe when politicians get busy passing things again the letters will begin flowing again. Or someone shoots a dog. Or a dog bites a kid. The passing of President Ford did not stir any great batch of letters, at least not yet. Too bad. He truly was an American great, and a major, major part of Vail’s history.But people remember and grieve in different ways. Around 3,000 turned out in Vail for the local memorial. That speaks louder than any letter, although we have to admit to being greedy for anecdotes to share in the paper.Nope, this time of year hardly anyone is writing, and fewer are calling Tipsline. The holidays, the skiing, the lack of civic activity and the surplus of leisure and family time conspire against newspaper commentary sections. Sigh.See, we’re even writing editorials lamenting the lack of things to editorialize about.Not that we’re complaining, mind you. This is the way it goes every year at this time. Soon enough, we’ll be back to struggling to squeeze in everyone’s pearls of wisdom on this and that.Tipsline as a call-in letter to the editor, author’s identity required, may not come back quite as robustly as it was as a free-for-all. But honestly, does anyone miss the ruminations about whose yard pets do their duty on or those pet names for certain commissioners from folks afraid to stand up and identify themselves?Yes, those fraidy cats who can type can still log non-libelous screeds on the Web site while we wait for our technical whizzes to saddle commenters at least with screen names, which will reveal the serial posters. Like our friend the crabapple, who apparently does not take time off for holidays and other such foolishness while there remain dolts out there who express wrong opinions about things like, say, Vail Resorts’ right to build an alpine slide for summer schussing on the Haymeadow. So for the moment we drift, the hot, blustery winds of opinion stilled while we all enjoy our families and goodwill toward (most) others.You know, that’s not really such a bad trade-off.

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