All Dad wants for Christmas … |

All Dad wants for Christmas …

Cassie Pence
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BEAVER CREEK – Remember “The Cosby Show” episode when Cliff Huxtable rants about how no one gives fathers what they really want for Father’s Day? To prove his point, Cliff digs deep inside his closet and pulls out an array of ties, belts and hats that all light up like one of those love meter machines. He then blames his kids’ lack of thought for his cache of useless gifts.Is it really lack of thought? Or is it that fathers – in general – can stump even the savviest of gift buyers into giving really bad presents, like Turtle Wax for a man who walks to work or tube socks for a guy that insists on wearing flip flops all year long. Fathers attending “The Nutcracker” Saturday night in Beaver Creek shed light on the “what-does-Dad-want-for-Christmas” mystery. As it turns out, the big guy’s simplicity is what’s really complicating the gift-giving process.

“We just want the kids to be happy and enjoy Christmas,” said Carl Mueller of West Vail. Mueller has a 7-year-old and a 7-month-old. “Dads don’t need anything. We’re so lucky already.”When really pressed for a gift idea, Mueller admitted some new skis would be nice.”The fat ones,” Mueller said. “Some short, fat ones.”

Maybe it’s true, dads don’t need anything. When they do, however, fathers said they like to take matters into their own hands, which makes finding ways to spoil ol’ Pops quite difficult.”Dads get whatever they want for themselves,” said Tim Hargreaves, who recently bought himself new foot beds for his ski boots (which, by the way, would have been a perfect holiday present.) But if giving a gift to Dad, make it practical, Hargreaves suggested.

“Dads like useful things, like tools,” the father of two said.Mark Lathrop’s kids usually buy him golf-related accessories, like gloves or devices that help Lathrop line up his shots.”Anything to help me cheat,” Lathrop said. “I also like the gifts my kids make for me. Dads always love those things.”

Lathrop revealed that he, like a lot of fathers, had already bought himself a present for the holidays – a brand-new car. Lathrop isn’t the only one who has his scope on an automobile. The big-boy toy was definitely the hot topic for gifts.”I want upgrades, parts to customize my Honda Civic,” said Ezequiel Garcia.

“I want a red Pontiac sports car, two-seater,” said Cliff Zinda, who volunteers at the Vilar Center. “You can only wear so many neckties.”Zinda, who was half joking about the four-wheel speedster, said what he would really like is for his three kids to visit more.”They live out of state, so we don’t get to see them as often,” he said.

Zinda also had one more small request: “I would like to see the Pakistan people be saved,” he said. “That would be the greatest gift of all.”The holidays are approaching fast, and if you’re like most kids, dad probably still has a blinking red question mark next to his name on the gift list. Maybe Cliff Huxtable was right – a little deeper thought is needed to find Pops the perfect present. It could be taking the time to create a homemade frame from glitter and wood, or listening to dad curse about a tool he doesn’t have – and then buying it for him. But do it quick, because if he’s like the fathers in this story, he’ll be at the store before you know it, buying the gift himself.

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