All dogs go to hell |

All dogs go to hell

Andrew Harley
NWS Hippy Dog BH 10-28

Actually, dogs merely visit hell on special occasions.

Sometimes, dogs want to see where their mean, old masters ended up. Some dogs are so nice that they go to hell to try and pee the fires out. But, the most popular reason for a dog to visit hell is for a big Halloween party every year.

The Gashouse held an early, Doggy Halloween Party Tuesday evening in Edwards, marking the final Doggy Happy Hour of the season.

So, a horde of nearly 75 costumed hounds fraternized on The Gashouse’s ample porch, competing for a couple of trophies and more than 200 prizes.

“He’s a little hippie today,” Amy Johnson said of her seven-pound teacup poodle, Brutus, who was garbed in ’60s, hip-housefrau fabric, miniature dreadlocks and pink-rimmed sunglasses. “He’s being a really good sport about it.”

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Jenny Johnson, of Boulder, made the trip up to Edwards, also dressed up as a hippie, to try and win the best owner/dog look-alike category.

Sarah Chilton and her 11-week-old golden retriever won the category in their ladybug costumes.

High in the running were Edwards residents Olivia Mothershed and Miss O’Malley, who were dressed up like bumble bees.

“One of my friends happened to have Miss O’Malley’s costume, so I had to come up with one pretty quick,” said Mothershed.

Jamie and Joey Hinds’ Tibetan terrier mix, Pikabo (named after Pikabo Street), won the best costume award in a convincing witch outfit. Jamie and Joey rescued Pikabo from a shelter, and claim Pikabo’s dream is to have her picture taken next to Pikabo Street.

“So Pikabo won, and I didn’t even have to dress like a witch,” said Jamie.

“She forgot her broom,” said Hinds.

Chow-sheltie mix Rajah kept a six-week prize-winning streak going by leaving with a ski/snowboard helmet.

Every dog in attendance won something for themselves or their owner, and the party successfully ended the Doggy Happy Hour, which started up its second season last April.

“Half the dogs are (making whoopee), and the other half are fighting,” said The Gashouse’s general manager Andy Guy. “It was warmer in the summer. At times, It turned into a doggy-singles mixer. We almost had to turn the hose on ’em a couple times.”

With the number of socially-stimulated dogs, one would think The Gashouse might become a veritable toilet bowl.

“Everyone’s actually pretty good about picking up after their dogs,” said Guy. “We were lucky to have such nice weather. Last year, it was snowing and raining, but the party still drew a bunch of people.”

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