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‘ALL.I.CAN.’ screens in Avon Tuesday as part of the Sustainable Community Film Series

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What: “ALL.I.CAN.” screens as part of the Sustainable Community Film Series.

When/Where: 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Loaded Joe’s, Avon and again at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 21 at Dusty Boot, Eagle.

Cost: $5 suggested donation.

More information: Email info@eaglevalleyalliance.org.

The film “ALL.I.CAN.” features world renowned big mountain skiers and takes place on six different continents. The North Face has joined forces with Sherpa Cinema to bring us a ski video that documents an environmental movement among skiers and outdoor enthusiasts. With footage shot in Greenland, Morocco and Alaska, among other breathtaking landscapes, the film explores the cultural connection people have with the land and the challenges we face with global climate change. Parallels are drawn between overcoming hurdles of backcountry adventure and challenges of being an environmentalist in a rapidly changing world, where we often wonder “what can I do as one person?”

About the Sustainable Community Film Series

The Sustainable Community Film Series — a project of Walking Mountains Science Center — continues this month with two screenings of “ALL.I.CAN.” The first takes place at Loaded Joe’s in Avon on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., and the second at Dusty Boot in Eagle on Jan. 21 at 6:30 p.m. “ALL.I.CAN” challenges everyone to find their own role in the puzzle of environmental degradation. Viewers are reminded that as lovers of the mountain, we are all environmentalists and we are making connections to the earth each time we are out doing what we love. As ski technology has improved throughout the years we can see how parts of a system can be tweaked to make improvements. The same can be said for tackling the biggest environmental challenges of our generation, with innovations in renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions we can learn to adapt and lighten our impact.

The movie finishes with JP Auclair jibbing through the streets of British Columbia, demonstrating that skiers are going to find a way to shred any landscape they encounter, but also reminding us that we have the freedom to be creative. If we want to preserve the mountains that provide us with so much happiness and enjoyment, then it is imperative that we each do all that we can.

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To view the entire line-up of the series, visit http://www.eaglevalleyalliance.org/films. For more information about this film, visit http://www.sherpascinema.com/project/all-i-can/.

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