All Points North Lodge wants to help those struggling in the limelight and in the shadows |

All Points North Lodge wants to help those struggling in the limelight and in the shadows

Massive $20 million makeover is underway to convert the lodge into an integrated behavioral health, wellness and addiction recovery program

CORDILLERA — Tell the truth here: How many of your problems would dissipate if you only had a boatload of money to throw at them?

We tend to view wealth as the answer to all ills. But what if money, fame, reputation and all the stuff that we believe will make life better are the very things than prevent someone from getting help? What if your wealth constantly cushioned you from the consequences of addiction? What if reaching out for help exposed you to the possibility of some network making an unauthorized TV movie detailing your struggles with addiction, relationships or other behavioral health issues?

There’s a certain irony that people who are financially well- equipped to get behavioral health treatment may have the most to lose by reaching out for help. But pain is pain, regardless of what assets you hold. That’s where All Points North Lodge comes into the picture.

“Our target audience would likely be mid to high-level executives, professional athletes, entertainment industry people and their families,” said Jeff Brooks, the chief operating officer for All Points North. “These are folks who are desperately looking for solutions but are caught in fear of disclosure and exposure. It’s a delicate matter for them, as it always is.”

“These are folks who are at times struggling in the limelight. Others are struggling in the shadows,” Brooks continued. “If we eliminate the barriers to accessing treatment for these people by creating an environment that is congruent with where they live, work and play, they are more like to engage in the treatment process.”

$20 million makeover

Right now, it seems as if there is a construction worker toiling away every few feet at the former Lodge at Cordillera site. A massive $20 million makeover is underway to convert the lodge into an integrated behavioral health, wellness and addiction recovery program. The program’s owners and operators, APN Capital, expect to spend $136 million on the project. 

It’s taken more than two years and four legal challenges in five courtrooms to get to this point.

All Points North Lodge plans to launch its residential program by mid-January of 2020. The program will offer 110 beds in the 72-room lodge. Brooks said the All Points North model will offer a team of top medical doctors, mental health clinicians, nutritionists, and fitness trainers in an evidence-based treatment model. Patients will stay in luxury accommodations that feature the kind of amenities found in resort hotels.

All Points North will be a totally voluntary facility and Brooks says a stay at the lodge is just the first step in a patient’s recovery process.

“We are doing long-term relational care with our clients,” Brooks said.

He noted staying with people for the long haul means being there to pick them up as they falter.

“People make mistakes and when relapse happens, it doesn’t mean everything goes away and is lost. It can be a learning opportunity,” Brooks said.

“People spend a lot to time trying to figure out if they really need to quit what they are doing,” he continued. “When people enter a program, they have identified there is a problem and we help them build a platform for resolution in the long term.”

Something special

“This is the start of something very special,” Brooks said. ” This is an industry-changing system and it starts right here.”

While the program model has been defined, the price structure hasn’t. Brook said the All Points North Lodge fees are still being developed and will be announced in the near future.

In the meantime, the All Points North Lodge marketing department, located in Malibu, is getting the word out about the facility.

“We will also offer an outpatient program to serve the local community. We started that up about seven weeks ago and we are getting our name out there, letting people know we are here,” Brooks said. “There is a tremendous need for mental health and substance abuse care in this valley.”

All Points North Lodge anticipates bringing in 150 new jobs — everything from doctors to dishwashers. As those people start work, Brooks predicts support for All Points North will grow.

“We are entering into this community and bringing in a culture and a workforce who will live and play and interact with other community members,” Brooks said. “This will raise the recovery IQ in the community and help people understand what mental health is and what substance abuse programs are really about.

“The stigma surrounding these issues is a response to fear. The more people know about this, the less afraid they are. A community that embraces and does not exclude people is a healthy community,” Brooks concluded.

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