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All smoke

Don Rogers

I don’t smoke. Never have, never will. But look, the overwhelming majority of firsthand smokers somehow live to ripe old age.

So no, I ain’t buying the earnest propoganda that we non-smokers will surely drop dead because of a smoker in a lift line or from visiting a bar where that last 10 percent minority of our neighbors still smoke.

This county ban on smoking in lift lines, parks, within 25 feet of a building used by the public, inside a hotel room, bar or restaurant is just nonsense. Sanctimony and very, very little else.

It’s essentially unenforceable, and useless since market forces already are taking us away from the smoking culture on their own.

We don’t need Sheriff Joe chasing the last smokers around. We don’t need the dumb speeches, the notion of saving ourselves from our legal, if filthy, habits.

If the county commissioners were remotely serious about doing something about actual health issues, they’d ask Sheriff Joe and his brethren to at least make a real effort to enforce the laws against kids smoking. That might actually accomplish something. Let’s worry about the secondhand thing after we get the kids who smoke set straight.

If the county politicians truly feel that they must save us from unhealthy habits instead of passing needless, feel-good rules, they’d make this a dry county for alcohol. Think about it. I can tell you that my risk of going in the rare sports bar that lets someone smoke (and I would choose the non-smoking one on my own, thank you) is far less than driving with the fellow from the same bar who had a couple of brewskis, maybe more.

They’d never do that. Their ardent concern for my health is trumped by the sheer popularity of alcohol in a ski town. Hey, lots of us have skied “wasted,” however ol’ Bode defines it.

No, when nine out of every 10 of us have no need for smoking, obviously the habit isn’t exactly popular in these parts.

And if almost none of us smoke anyway, why do we need more laws against it? A ban is just a waste all the way around.

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