All that for an … EKG? |

All that for an … EKG?

Don Rogers

So someone whose relative told them something has told pundit and blogger Arianna Huffington that Vice President Dick Cheney went red lights and siren to Vail Valley Medical Center on a pretext of having his knee checked but really to have an … EKG done on his heart Friday afternoon before returning to the World Forum.

Arianna suggests Cheney sneaked from the Steadman Hawkins orthopedic clinc to an “adjacent” cardiac unit, which doesn’t exist, to see not a heart doctor but one who specializes in internal medicine. And all this for a “prophylactic EKG.” Next she’ll find Osama holed up in Bachelor Gulch.

Arianna might not realize this, but doing an EKG on a KNEE patient with a history of heart problems is pretty routine. And I had one done in my regular doc’s office. I don’t think Cheney would have needed to sneak anywhere to have this test. I do think he’d at least see a heart doc if he did.

Yes, absolutely, Arianna and her second-hand party companion could well be right. But the more she talks, the weirder her story sounds.

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That’s a whole lot of sneaking around in the span of a knee doc visit that would be wholly unnecessary. And if the big guy were truly worried about his heart, I don’t see him dropping in on Steadman even on a ruse, and I surely don’t see him turning to a local doc of internal medicine with the line of heart specialists at the beck and call of the free world’s second most powerful human being.

By the way, I believe that was the VP’s convoy headed west on I-70 this afternoon, red lights flashing and all, that roared by as we drove east.

Arianna surely wouldn’t buy the story that they were headed to the airport at the close of the World Forum. That would make too much sense.

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