All the advice you’ll ever need |

All the advice you’ll ever need

Vail Mountain School Third Graders

Third graders at the Vail Mountain School offered these words of advice for high school graduates:

Get good sleep – Sydney

Do your best work – Lyle

Get a job so you get enough money to go to college – Wyatt

Have fun – Larkin

Remember to bring a toothbrush – Reed

Bring your favorite things – Lilly

Say goodbye to all your friends before you leave – Hana

Get good grades – Peer

Bring your favorite memories – Lauren

Send letters to your relatives – Taft

Do your homework – Nicholas and Peter

Study hard for tests – Eric

Bring your equipment (like pencils and your sleeping equipment) – Holly

Visit your family on the weekend – Sydney

Try to take as many classes as you can – Liam

Do you best on the tests – Maddie

Make friends with your roommates – Braden

Take your time on your work and with your decisions – Flinn

Try to get the best education you can – Dylan

Work as hard as you can – Kaitlyn

Join sports teams – Patrick

Get ready for real life – Marnina

If something goes wrong, try to make the best of it – Kellyn

Be yourself – Sam

Get as much knowledge as you can to have the career you want – Alec

Make the best choices – Mallory

Don’t give up – Tyler

Call home often – Mrs. Douthitt

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