All the rumors fit to print |

All the rumors fit to print

Don Rogers

Well, the Chicago Tribune was almost right back in 1948 with Dewey, and this week the New York Post was almost right with Gebhardt. Almost. Maybe the Denver Post will be right naming the lead rumored candidate to buy Vail Resorts.This is tricky turf, reporting on the latest rage of rumors. In VR’s case, the usual and this year some fresh names have cropped up with the “VR’s for sale” grapevine that springs to life pretty much with the wildflower season.Citing “more than a dozen” sources, the Post went page one with the story Thursday. Only thing is, it can be difficult to tell whether the dozen got their information directly from each other, creating a dervish that sure sounds like something’s going on. That’s how Dick Gebhardt gets trumpted in the Post as John Kerry’s choice for vice president. Surely that Post had a dozen sources for that one, too.We understand VR has been quietly shopped for at least a couple of years now, and we’ve been told that a deal came thisclose to happening about a year ago.The big news, of course, will when, assuming an if, a sale occurs. Meantime, page one might be overkill for trotting out “sounds like news” stories on a foundation of speculation.Still, this round of rumors seems to have more heat than usual under all that smoke. Other years, the VR execs have called back themselves to say that they can “neither confirm nor deny” such talk, and generally with a chuckle. Between that seemingly odd behavior and the reports of this or that firm or individual kicking the tires, well, if you are a gambling person you’d bet on at least a betting average chance of a deal in the works soon. Good enough for page one?

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