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All things to all people

Don Rogers

We’re too liberal. No, check that, too conservative. Too locally oriented, provincial even; no, no, too much coverage of the rest of the world.

Too sensational, too staid. Ask questions that are too strong, don’t ask enough hard questions. Too deep and dense, too shallow and trite.

Misquote, quote all too accurately. Too friendly to the big dog, Vail Resorts; nope, always picking on them for no good reason at all.

Too much government, process of governance and community decision-making; not nearly enough. Too much society, yuck; too little.

Too many cartoons making fun of the president. Funny, these complainers have swapped themselves out for the ones mad at the comic mockery of the previous president.

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And so it goes. Reminds us of the inviolable Second Rule of Newspapering: People don’t want an unbiased paper. They want a paper biased their way.

The First Rule? Are you sure you want to know? People say they want to read only news they deem “positive.” Guess what they really read and remember? Of course, “positive” might be something nasty about someone they don’t like.

And you wonder why we newsies seem so cynical? Spend a week in these shoes. We’re not bitter about this, or feel victimized. No, the feelings range more in the realm of mild disappointment to gentle amusement. This is the human condition, after all.

All of our sins are true at times, and all of them are manufactured to fit the observer’s agenda or conclusion at other times. Comes with the territory.

Guest list

Another World Forum at Beaver Creek, another headlining visit from Vice President Dick Cheney and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. Not exactly ho-hum, as these two are august visitors. Why not spice up the guest list a bit with a Britney or Bono, if not a Blair or Bush?

The president’s dad, after all, helped in a modest way with the seed funding for Vail some 40 short years ago. Plenty of places to run this time of year, or to play a round or two of golf between bouts of very serious thought, very serious indeed.


Fit for dogs

Today is Bring Your Dog to Work Day. Really. We’re puzzling this, aware of Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, with the logic girls need to see parents at work to kindle their own dreams of careers. Boys, presumably, need no such encouragement.

We just wonder at what career hopes Fido will come up with from this event. Lots of people will tell you that their jobs are fit for dogs. Are we now thinking dogs can do our work?


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