All wrong in Minturn |

All wrong in Minturn

Frank Lorenti
Minturn, CO, Colorado

At the last Minturn Town Council meeting, council admitted to letting a $60,000 grant go. That’s right, we got that grant for a sidewalk in south Minturn. Something I have been campaigning for. I have children and would love to walk to downtown Minturn or the park safely without having to push a stroller on the dangerous highway. Years ago, when I asked the mayor why they first promised us a sidewalk then quietly let it slip away. He said there wasn’t enough money. How about build the sidewalk in segments so we do not lose the $60,000? Bottom line, do something so we do not lose out on free money.

They also let a $10,000 grant go. I say whoever got us those grants, hire them back and get us more. I will write more letters and hopefully council will not let any more money slip away.

They are finally going to talk about the $350,000 scholarship money on Monday, Jan. 12, at 530 p.m. at the Ginn offices, located in the International Building.

If you have any children that could use some of that money, I suggest that you attend. The more people that show up, the better. I guess after my many letters and asking at council meetings, they may finally give some of that money to the citizens. Plan to show up, no excuses. This is money for your children’s education.

I do not understand why I have to fight them on giving out the $11.6 million dollars.

This is something that they got for us, yet they refuse to give it to us. They continue to say that they cannot access the money because it is in an escrow account that they can not touch. According to Ordinance 10 section 1.1 and 7.3 and each section that pertains to the individual amounts, that money is available and can be accessed like a construction draw procedure. See my letter to the mayor at

“The terms of the draw procedure to be similar to those set forth in a typical construction loan if the escrow relates to design, development and construction work.” That is a direct quote from section 7.3

Maybe we need someone on council and staff who has built a house before, so they can understand construction draws.

They plan on raising our taxes, water rates and other fees to pay for the items that are included in the annexation agreement.

Minturn citizens do not let them do it!

The money is in the bank, and even though Shelley Bellem agreed with the town manager, saying that we need to take care of Minturn now and cannot wait for Ginn, we need to make them use the money that is in the bank already, not our hard-earned tax dollars.

There are time limits on that $11.6 million. Do not let them lose that money like they did for the $60,000, and $10,000.

Frank Lorenti


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