All you need is love |

All you need is love

Laura A. Ball
Poopy camisole with pink lace, $36, Roxy in Vail Village.

It was only last Valentine’s Day that I found myself going on a first date.Of course, the first question I asked myself was, “What will I wear?” It being Valentine’s Day and all I felt a little more pressure to make the right statement.

Not knowing anything about this man didn’t matter. The real question being – what do I want to him to know about me? What I wore would certainly factor into his overall impression of me. But what’s sexy?With the ever-changing world of fashion, throwing clothes on one minute only to decide it’s too conservative and take them off again, it is really a personal choice. There is certainly nothing wrong with showing off your assets, but there is a way to do it tastefully. What sort of chemistry did you want to inspire?

My conclusion: More is more.Amid a craze of lowriding jeans and rising hemlines, there is another way. You want to reveal your personality, not so much your bust line. Besides, it’s sexier when you have something left to reveal.

If you want to wear a low-cut blouse, wear a cropped jacket or cardigan on top – this way it’s subtle. Leave your date wondering. A sheer blouse worn over a camisole is another way to add fun to sophistication. Or if you’re planning on that killer mini skirt that would look fabulous with your new boots, pair it with tights and a wintry sweater to add sophistication – and warmth.There certainly is a time and a place to be revealing. Other than those instances, keep it classy with a touch of flirty.

But whether it’s your first date or your thousandth, always flaunt your best asset. If you have a stunning clavicle, wear a form-fitting off-the-shoulder blouse with wide leg pants and heels. If you’ve got a great back side, wear jeans that hug you in just the right places with a loosely slung blouse. Of course, dresses are always appropriate.If it’s your husband or life mate, think about what he likes. You can be a little more daring. Does he loves it when you wear your hair a certain way? Does he have a favorite dress you haven’t worn for years?

Most of all, flaunt your confidence. This is the most attractive accessory you can bare.And if romance doesn’t come knocking, don’t wait for it. Create it for yourself.Get to know yourself a little better and write yourself a love letter describing your best qualities, dreams and aspirations. Or buy yourself that pair of jeans you’ve wanted to splurge on for the last two months, or a new lacy top. Send your single friend or sibling a care package full of sweets and goodies.

Whether you believe in Valentine’s Day or not, it serves as a reminder of what life is all about. There’s lots of love to be given and received, even if it is a Hallmark holiday.I finally decided on a red wrap-around dress, to silhouettes my hour-glass shape. I guess it was a good choice, considering he’s my date again this Valentine’s Day.

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